On Being Peace

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”                                                                                                                                                         – Mahatma Gandhi

I love this quote.  In the past I thought of it in global and or political terms, like the idea of peace on earth with no war, or I applied it to organizations like the Peace Corps or the Clinton Global Initiative.

In the past few years I have looked at being the change from a more personal perspective, applying it in my daily life.  Like many others, I was divorced in my early thirties.  In my case, I was married to a good man, but he was unable to deal with disability.  We parted amicably and did our best to make the transition easier for our daughter.   Six years later I married a wonderful man who has seen me go from a cane to a wheelchair and is just happy to be with me.  Unfortunately, his ex-wife who left him for another man, wanted their daughters to be on her “side”.  This led to much heartache and stress in the past.   In order to do what was best for my step-daughters, I felt I had no choice but to take the high road and become a better, stronger, more spiritual person.  There was no way I was going to be able to handle the situation without assistance from a higher power!  Looking back, I see that through it I have come to be the person I am today, able at times to rise above the drama resulting from fear and ego, to act from love and compassion.  Sometimes I fall short, but I know I am doing my best.

As my husband prepares for open heart surgery next week, it is more important than ever that I be at peace with myself so that I am not shaken, hurt, embarrassed, or disappointed with the behavior displayed by his daughters in such an emotionally charged situation.  And the fact that it is in the middle of the holiday season adds to their stress.  I am grateful that they have learned to get along and that they no longer visit us separately at Christmas.  I constantly remind myself that just because he loves me does not mean that they will.  And it is difficult for them since their mother, who now lives out of state,   feels threatened when they spend time with their Dad and me.  When I was younger, my step mom tried to turn me against my mother, so I know how hard it can be for adult children of divorce.  As difficult as that situation was with my step-mother, years later I am thankful for the lessons I learned as a result of going through it.  How else would I have been able to see their point of view?

So today  I am setting my intention to be peace, because that is what I want most for my blended family.   Peace.


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Giving this Holiday Season – Top Rated Charities

Yesterday was Giving Tuesday, the day we are reminded to give to those in need.   When we give from the heart, we feel good.  We are all at our best when we think of others.  For me, it just helps me to get my mind off myself, especially on days when I feel like crap, to put it bluntly!    I like to make sure that my donation is being put to good use, so I always check with The American Institute of Philanthropy’s Charity Watch.

Here is a link to their chart of the Top-Rated Charities:


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Organic Bath Soak Recipe

Finally, I have perfected my bath soak!

It is so easy for me to strain and pull muscles, so I often soak in bath salts.  I have tried so many and never did find one that really did the trick for me.  I am sensitive to chemicals and scents, so I began mixing my own.  I tried Himalayan salt, which is the most pure on the planet, but it is not worth spending the extra money to soak in.  I found no difference between that and regular Kosher salt and epsom salt.  I kept adjusting the ratios until I came up  with one that worked well for dry skin.

Now I have found one that I just love.

Here is my recipe:

2 and 1/2 cups coarse Kosher Salt to  soothe sore muscles                                                             1 and 1/2 cups epsom salt which aids in reducing inflammation                                                   1/2 cup baking soda to reduce skin irritation                                                                                     3 drops of organic lavender essential oil (available online) the most calming scent of all       a few drops of food coloring to desired color

Mix all these ingredients together and enjoy a nice relaxing, soothing bath.  Moisturize your skin, applying with upward strokes towards your heart for a mini-massage.

If you are sensitive to dyes, you can skip the food coloring.

Yield:  about 40 oz. which fits into a quart-size ziploc bag.

Store it in a bag or a moisture proof jar, like a canning jar, or a pretty one with a tight-fitting cork.

If you would rather purchase it, here is the link:  https://www.etsy.com/listing/212551112/free-offer-organic-salt-bath-soak?ref=shop_home_active_2
















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