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Rate Your Plate – Find out how healthy(or not) your Food is

For most of my  adult life I did not like chicken.  I kept hearing about how healthy  it is if you have to eat meat, but it did not taste like the chicken my Mom used to make.  And not because I couldn’t cook. . . .  I also avoided chicken legs and only ate boneless breast.

A few years ago I found natural, free range chicken with no anti-biotics on sale and tried it.  I never looked back.  I purchase the same brand all the time.    And I even like the boneless thighs.  Of course, we do stock up when the price drops.

Did you ever wonder if what you are eating is labelled honestly, and if it is really as  healthy as proclaimed on the label?  I recently found the Environmental Working Group Website.  They now have a rate your plate feature – the good news is my favorite brand of chicken came in at 1.9 on a scale of 1 to 10 where less is more.   That is, a rating of 1 is great and a rating of 10 is, lets just be polite and say, not desirable.

Here is the link – simply enter your food in the search box:

Have fun!

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Healing Rhythms Meditation

On a bad day, I find myself tired, frustrated and irritable.  Sometimes my gratitude journal only works temporarily and I think negative thoughts.  For this reason, I avoid negative people.  I decided to try to be more aware of my positive energy so that I am less affected by people who complain a lot.  I am beginning with this free meditation program, which is great for those who have never tried meditating.  It began today and was less than 11 minutes.  Here is the link, if you are interested:

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