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I love to meditate, read, sew, and crochet. Most of all, I love to share what I have learned in my time on the planet.

Food Storage Tips

It seems I am seeing a lot of products to place in your produce drawer or to put produce in to make it stay fresh for a longer period of time.  Being thrifty by nature  (OK, I am cheap –  ;) … Continue reading

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Seed of Truth: You Do Not Have To Live Any Story But Your Own

Originally posted on Sowing The Soul:
We are all living a story. Here is a story many people are currently trying to live (myself included): (1) go to college, (2) develop a marketable career, (3) obtain a stable income for you…

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The Importance of pH

The average American diet is acidic.  We do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, and we eat a lot of meat.  Not good, considering the fact that an overly acidic diet depletes the minerals in the body, causing our tissues … Continue reading

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Metta Meditation

My life changed for the better when I began meditating.  My favorite meditation on the days when I have trouble letting go of my thoughts is the Metta Meditation.  Also called loving kindness meditation, this mantra focuses our minds on compassion … Continue reading

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Healthy Popcorn Perfectly Popped

Several years ago when my cholesterol went up and I learned that Monsanto had genetically modified corn, I tossed my electric popcorn popper .  The scientists had the best of intentions – they succeeded in making corn disease resistant and as a result gave … Continue reading

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Meditation and Prayer – Together

I knew I was different at an early age.  I remember a weekend retreat I went on with the Pioneer Girls, the religious equivalent of the Girl Scouts.  Sunday services were held outside.  I absolutely loved it.  As  a child … Continue reading

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Common Drugs and Dementia

The more anticholinergic drugs you take, the greater your risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s.  This has been studied by Dr. Shelly Gray, at the University of Washington in Seattle.  Shelly (not Grey as in Meredith or Derek !) and she … Continue reading

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