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I love to meditate, read, sew, and crochet. Most of all, I love to share what I have learned in my time on the planet.

Meditation and your immune system

I know that my condition has improved since I began meditating.  My muscles are not stronger, but my endurance is much better.  Part of it is because I am more mindful of the  movement of my body, which results in me … Continue reading

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Growing up I heard a lot about grace.  The grace of God was a common phrase I often heard on Sunday morning.  But what is grace?  I could not define it.  So I looked it up.  Grace is defined in … Continue reading

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Estimate Your Future Health Care Costs

Part of being content is being prepared for retirement.  AARP makes it possible to estimate how much you may spend on healthcare in your life-time, based on your health issues.  The list is only for the most common conditions, but … Continue reading

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BBQ Chicken and Green Beans

This is one of our favorite meals on the grill.  There is nothing that compares to fresh picked green beans from the garden, but in April fresh ones from the market are really good as well. I love to make my … Continue reading

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Life is the Journey

I leave no trace of wings in the air, but I am glad I have had my flight.                                             … Continue reading

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Life is like a piano

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From Life’s Like That

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Relax and Reduce Stress Right Now

You can calm down and relax anytime, anywhere.  In this short video, Dr. Dean Ornish, who wrote Reversing Heart Disease, shows us how we can reduce our stress level in less than 3 minutes, wherever we are:  Inner Balance  

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