Resolve Conflicts

Conflict is inevitable when dealing with others – it can involve political issues, or simply be a spat over a small issue with your partner.  When you find yourself butting heads with another, remember that you do not have to win the argument in the sense that you get your own way.  With a positive attitude, you can find a way to compromise without demonizing the other person involved.  You can agree to disagree.  In this way we learn and grow, becoming the person we are meant to be.

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Choose to Receive Divine Energy

The infinite Source, Creator of all that was, is, and ever will be, is there for you.   Choose to receive the Divine Messages being sent directly to you, for your highest good.  Write down any dreams and look up the interpretations, trust your intuition, and when you hear your inner voice, act on what it is telling you.

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Replace Judgment with Forgiveness

When you spend time with others this weekend remember to forgive the difficult individuals with challenging personalities instead of judging them.   This way you let the emotions move through you instead of getting stuck in your body and causing stress.   Then reward yourself by having a great time!

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We all experience moments of discontent.  The exciting new job becomes mundane, we are disappointed when things don’t go our way, infatuation with a new partner gives way to reality.  In these times it helps to know that your creative muses surround you, waiting to help you begin a new creative project to bring joy back into your life and into the world.  This can be done not only through art forms, but also in your professional life or in social circles.

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See Love in Everyone

See the good in others and extend loving kindness to all.  For those who seem to press your buttons, imagine the innocent young child deep within them who did not have his or her needs met or who was wounded emotionally.  If necessary, focus on your breath to remind you to stay in the moment, where there is no judgment – only love.  And most important, love yourself as the Creator and your ministry of angels do.

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Pure Unconditional Love

When you find yourself struggling with a decision, feeling frustrated, or totally stressed, just stop.  Hit the pause button and take a deep breath.  Remember to let go of needing to know all the details and trust in Divine power, which is pure, unconditional love.  From this place of love, it takes less effort to drop judgment and criticism of yourself and others, embrace your feelings of fear and doubt, and be open to  all the possibilities before you.

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All the wisdom traditions and religions of the world speak of enlightenment, of coming out of the darkness and into the light.  When we live in the light of hope, all things are possible.  How do you get there?  Through meditation, prayer, time spent alone and still.  Why is living in hope a worthy goal?  Without hope, the wounded inner child never risks vulnerability in order to be healed.  When we are healed, we then become beacons of hope, shining where hope is needed.

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