We are more alike than we are different, even if we look different and have different religious practices.   Old perceptions are no longer serving us.  Instead of building walls due to fear, we need to remove obstacles to love, compassion, and hope.  The easiest way to open your heart and mind is to look at children playing and remind yourself of the child you were and still are within.  Then you can see the child in the heart of even the most difficult person and feel empathy and compassion for him or for her.

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Take control of your own life.  Stand up for yourself when you feel others are trying to tell you what you should be doing or thinking, or if someone belittles you in any way.  Be respectful and take charge in a peaceful manner.  Talk to your spouse or boss, write to your representatives in the government.  Just do it.

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Spend some time outside.  Feel the sun on your face.  Remember how as a child you watched the clouds and imagined that they were shapes and animals.   Rekindle the imagination of your inner child and do something playful.  If you have Easter plans, make sure to spend time with children to rejuvenate your creative passion and remind that you are never to old to dream.

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Sorrow Floats

In John Irving’s book, The Hotel New Hampshire, the family dog, Sorrow, who had passed, kept showing up floating in water.  So it is in life – we often revisit our sorrow after our loved ones pass on, or when we feel a sense of loss in any area of our lives.  Your healer guides are all around you, sent by the Creator to help you move through your feelings and let go of the past.

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We are all here together to learn.  It is important to remember that you are never alone.  Others have similar stories with their own trials and obstacles. When you feel alone, remember that we are all one on the spiritual plane, and that the Infinite Creator is always there.

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Balance in Personal Relationships

Be aware of how much you give and receive in your relationships.  If you are giving nothing, you are taking advantage of another.  If you are giving too much, you are not allowing the other person to accept responsibility and thrive as a mature adult.

The best way to restore peace and balance in your personal relationships is by doing Ho’oponopono.  This Hawaiian practice simply involves repeating the prayer above as you hold in your mind a challenging relationship.  Forgive yourself and the other for your parts in creating the situation causing you distress.

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Let go of your worries and do something you enjoy.  Take care of yourself by spending time with friends, in nature, or simply buying a new outfit.  And remember that you don’t have to enjoy yourself only on the weekends!

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