Be Peace

We live in a time of uncertainty and transformation.  Choose peace, be peace, spread peace.  Take time to be still in order to remain calm.  Detach from situations where others play on your fears in order to manipulate you.  By connecting with the God of your understanding each day, you will insulate yourself from the drama surrounding you.

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Creativity and New Birth

The Divine Mother is powerful, filling you with inspiration and creative solutions.  The goals you seek to accomplish are ready to be manifested and fulfilled.  Whenever you feel stuck or blocked, the Divine Mother is there and will send angels, guides, and fairies to point you in the right direction, clearing your path to achieving the results you seek for the highest good of your soul, your loved ones, and of the planet.

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Divine Connections

The perfect partners are waiting for you. It could be your perfect match, the perfect doctor, business partner, teacher, or the group you need to join to get through times of uncertainty and self-doubt.  Be open and say hello to everyone you cross paths with.  Stop fretting – relax, let go and ask for help from above and you will attract the perfect people to meet your needs.

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Look to the Light

Our souls cannot grow without challenges and obstacles that force us to pause and take a detour as we find our way forward.  When you feel wounded, unloved, and find that others do not appreciate your efforts, look to the light within your heart, for it comes from above.  God, the angels, your personal guides and angels, and the Divine Mother are surrounding you in a loving embrace.

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Think Positive

ccatDivine Message for the Week:

Now is the time to replace all negative thoughts with positive ones.  When you think a negative thought, mentally delete or cancel it and think of a positive way to look a the situation.  For example, replace, “I can’t do that” with “all things are possible if I think outside the box and ask for help”.

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Divine Message for the Weekend – Take Action Now

img_0021Now is the time to put your ideas into action.  Do you have a dream you wish would come true?  An unanswered prayer?  A passion you always wanted to follow?  Take the first step towards the deepest desire of your heart with the knowledge that your guardian angels are right there beside you to help.  Simply take a few deep breaths and ask for help.  They will guide you every step of the way.

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Celebrating my self-healing process!

It’s been a while since I posted about my journey.  Why?  Because my experience has been so unbelievable that I could not even put it into words.

Last year I joined the group Your Year of Miracles with Marci Shimoff and Debra Poneman.  I was interested in the webcasts on healing.   I thought that if I could just stop the slow deterioration of my muscles I would be happy.  Today I am outright joyful at the prospect of reversing the progression of this disease.

As a result of all I have learned since joining this amazing group, I have finally reversed the deterioration I have experienced as a result of muscular dystrophy.  I no longer have to lie down and rest by 10:30 AM.  I can stand without holding on for balance.  My endurance has tripled – I went from being able to be on my feet to make dinner from  only 20 minutes at a time to 45 minutes to an hour!  I also can walk across my kitchen without the use of a cane, and without leaning on the counters.


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