One of the first Bible verses my mom made me memorize was Philippians 2:14, “Do all things without murmuring(grumbling) or disputing(questioning).

I am an independent thinker and asked so many questions, that it was the perfect verse for me.  Except that as a typical kid, I took it wrong.  I thought there was something wrong with me that needed to be fixed.  Now I know that I was just wired that way – curious.   By writing daily in a gratitude journal I was able to replace the negative “stop being like that” in my mind with positive thoughts.

Not only is gratitude important in the Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, and Hindu traditions; it has been studied and documented by psychologists as well.  But never mind all that, just TRY it!

Buy a pretty journal, or a small notebook.  Every day write down 5 things for which you are thankful.

I hope you are as amazed at the results as I am.


About Betti

I love to meditate, read, sew, and crochet. Most of all, I love to share what I have learned in my time on the planet.
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