Eco friendly actions that will save money

I made a few changes several years ago to reduce my carbon footprint, and found that we saved money in the process.  I wish I had done it sooner.

Cloth napkins:  to save trees, I use cloth instead of paper.

Parchment paper:  I use parchment paper instead of aluminum foil to line pans in the oven.

Old clothes:  I cut old T-shirts for rags, and keep the sleeves to use as disposable ones.

Grocery bags:  I line the trash cans around the house with produce and grocery bags.

Insulating pipes:  we insulated our hot water pipes which allowed us to lower the temperature on the water heater.

Recycling cans:  we take them to a local metal recycle company and get cash.

Toss a dry bath towel in the dryer:  it reduces the time it takes to dry the laundry.



About Betti

I love to meditate, read, sew, and crochet. Most of all, I love to share what I have learned in my time on the planet.
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